Latest review!

From a recent interview/ review with the University of Illinois in Chicago dental school admin about the book:

Dr. Yang exudes a genuine passion for helping pre-dental students accomplish their dreams. Her book is an invaluable resource that has culminated from her years of experience in dental admissions and her desire to offer a more holistic strategy than the formulaic types of admission tips that are often seen.

We got our first book review… and it’s glowing!

The pre-dental consultants, Hilary and Elika, from the American Student Dental Association took the time to review our book, and it was published a few days ago on the Mouthing Off blog.

No matter where you are in the process of applying to dental schools, “Your Essential Guide to Dental School Admissions” by Dr. Helen Yang [et al] is a must-read. Applying to dental school may be overwhelming, but this resource “for pre-dents, by dentists” provides firsthand knowledge from new dentists about this formidable yet exciting process.

Thank you for the positive review! Click here to read the rest.

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We hit 100!

As of May 14, the book has officially sold 100 copies!!

Here is a review posted by Dr. Nager on the book’s Amazon page.

I have been teaching Dentistry at Harvard for 30 years. That is how overdue this terrific book is. I have already given six copies to wonderful young people who hope to become dentists someday. Competition for the spaces in the freshman class are fierce. This book helps a young person decide if they really want to dedicate themselves to a dental education. If they do decide to become dentists, this book helps them present themselves as worthy applicants.

Keep the feedback coming, and spread the word!

Keep the reviews coming!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email me or message me on SDN with your feedback. The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, and it means a lot that pre-dents are benefitting from our tips and strategies.

Some of you may know, Amazon ranks a book based on the number and quality of reviews, and newly released books don’t gain much traction until it hits ~50 reviews. So, please take 60 seconds out of your day to rate the book and let others know what you thought of it.